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Varadero plans to break 1.6 million record tourists by the end of 2017

The famous Cuban resort of Varadero expects to reach the record of 1.6 million tourists at the end of 2017, after having experienced a good start to the high season, which began on November 1.

Currently, Varadero, the most visited destination of sun and beach in Cuba, about 150 kilometers from Havana, has an average of 20,000 daily customers, the delegate of the Ministry of Tourism of the province of Matanzas, Ivis, told the media. Fernández

Varadero has received 1.4 million tourists so far this year, surpassing the total number of visitors last year, which shows that the destination has already recovered after the passage in September of Hurricane Irma.

The hurricane caused significant damage in 16 of the 52 hotels in Varadero, where close to 25% of the residential plant of the destination was affected, although it is recovered one hundred percent.

In the weeks following the passage of Irma, there were cancellations of trips, but the destination is able to assume the committed figures and reach 30,000 daily customers during the high season (November to April).

“We hope to celebrate the end of the year with more than 34,000 clients in Varadero,” the tourism official from the province of Matanzas, where Varadero is located, told Efe.

The main market for Varadero is Canada, which occupies around 35% of the quota, although the number of tourists from Germany, Russia, Spain and Italy also grows.

With more than 20,500 rooms available, Varadero expects to add 3,000 more for next year, with the construction of a new hotel and the expansion of existing ones.

Tourism has become one of the most stable sources of foreign currency for Cuba, which has been experiencing a boom for three years in which it has recorded a record number of visitors, which this year expects to exceed 4.7. millions.

Yes, it is expected to decrease the number of US visitors to the island, after the travel alert that identifies Cuba as an unsafe destination issued by the Donald Trump government, which has also imposed new restrictions on individual trips.

So far this year, more than half a million Americans have visited Cuba, a historic record that represents a growth of almost double the previous year.

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